Dome, Stick and Air Hockey Tables

Your fun is our priority

Many types, styles and qualities of hockey tables are sold on the market today. How do you choose the one that suites your needs? The first questions should be; Is it reliable and well-made?

Our customer's satisfaction is our priority. This is why we select products that we can count on for ours and our customer's peace of mind. We've historically only kept products in our line that have a proven track record for their manufacturer support and reliability. We don't like to sell problems, since we're in the business of 'fun', not headaches!

Jett International Stick Hockey Table

A well constructed, modern looking stick hockey game table, featuring carbon fibre rods and large handles for a better grip. With three dimensional player figures in blue and red with painted details, official NHL rink markings and clear rink walls, you'd think you were at a real playoff game. Includes two pucks and 4 replacement player pieces.


Length: 43.5 " / 110.49 cm

Width: 32.5 " / 82.55 cm

Height: 34 " / 86.36 cm

Price: $799.00

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Blazer Air Hockey Table

Seven foot long air powered air hockey table by Atomic, featuring a quality 120 V powered fan, a 6 foot span leg base for extra stability. Includes 4 puck handling paddles and 4 pucks, closable electronic score keeper and over-hanging raised rails to minimize the puck from lifting out of the game surface.


Length: 84 " / 214 cm

Width: 48 " / 122 cm

Height: 32 " / 82 cm

Price: $899.99 ( SOLD OUT )

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